Monday, August 8, 2011

Yak Shaving: Building SDL

So instead of apologizing for not having posted to this blog for a very long time*, I'll just cut to the matter at hand. From my Evernote build log:

20110808 Yak Shaving: Building SDL
Ok, so I'm trying to hook up my rc controller to my Python Quad Client using pygame (via Simple Direct Media Layer) and my little test program that reads the (joystick) rc controller keeps spitting out extraneous stuff at the console, completely screwing up my little test program. Unfortunately it appears that the version of sdl.dll that ships with pygame is compiled with DEBUG=1 and so many functions spew out a bunch of debugging fluff on the console. I "must" now build SDL myself, and indeed there's a VS build configuration named something like "ReleaseNoStdIO". Of course, to build SDL, I need the DirectX SDK. I can only imagine what will happen after I download the DX SDK and hit F7. Meh.

* Apparently there's a blog devoted to apologizing for having not posted to your blog for a long time:

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